Minutes for May 11th, 2020 PBCA Meeting

Minutes for the PBCA Board Meeting, May 11, 2020

In attendance: Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Wayne Kessler, Carol Deglmann, Mike Kessler, Teresa Williams, Lisa Keck, Katie Manning, Brad Perva, Garrison Price

Meeting began at 7 PM. Because of the Stay At Home order, the meeting was held online.

There was no formal agenda for meeting but Lee will begin providing one for future meetings.

There is no update yet on timeline for bridge work, Lee is following up to find out the revised expectations for bridge closure and reopening.

There are no known issues with Township or County currently active.

Secretary's Report: Wayne announced that the final dues general mailing has gone out this weekend to a little more than 200 households. At this time we have 216 renewing members. 280 members is the projected budget breakeven for 2020. There are 414 homes in the neighborhood.

On the Directory, we still have 167 households that have not either submitted updated information or approved their existing content. The work will continue to get information for the directory, as well as confirm and offer advertising for the directory.

Treasurer's Report: The May Treasurer's report is now online. We're hoping not to have to spend savings again in 2020 as we did in 2019 due to lower than expected membership, but currently numbers are below forecast.

The water in the park should be back on in the next week.

Brad reminded everyone that we have mulch for distribution at the Hidden Park. There is also some benches that need work at the Hidden Park, which the board agreed should be done in the near future. Staining at the Pavilion is also on the schedule for May.

About the Food Trucks. The board had another thorough discussion of food trucks at the Pavilion and we felt we had no choice but to be consistent with the County's and Governor's directives. We look forward to re-examining the opportunity at the June board meeting. We understand that there are passions on both sides of this issue and we're somewhat in the middle of it, but we feel the safest course legally for the Association and the parks is to stay consistent with these directives, and hopefully the situation changes in June for the better.

Park Portapotty. There is no set timetable yet for bringing in the portapotty. We are looking for a vendor that will support placement by Orrs Bridge Road.

Stop Signs. Lee will contact Keith Metts at the Township as to whether stop signs are needed at Fireside and Hearthstone, and Fireside and Conestoga. There have been reports of close calls at those intersections in the recent past.

Lee will follow up with Zach Duffy about his Board status to determine if he wishes to remain on the Board.

Carol announced that she's let the Women's Luncheon Group know that luncheons will be planned after restrictions are relaxed.

The meeting ended at 8:30 PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 8th at 7 PM.

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