This is what Pine Brook looked like 50 years ago!


And here's another older pic...


Pine Brook was established in 1962 beginning at the grand stone wall entrance on Lamp Post Lane. Originally sold as a community of executive homes, some of the Pine Brook house plans were based on designs in "Better Homes and Gardens" magazine.

Eugene Sweitzer, the Better Homes and Gardens builder in Central Pennsylvania, was the original developer of Pine Brook. Mentioned here in an article from a Summer 1964 issue of the magazine, the home at 203 Lamp Post Lane would be built based on the Editor's Choice award winning plans. The article goes on to mention that the finished homes, built across the country by local builders, should be ready for tours in the Fall; about the same time the Fall 1964 issue of the magazine is published with pictures of the finished homes.

We're nestled in Central Pennsylvania in Hampden Township, just west of Camp Hill, a 20 minute drive from Harrisburg on most weekdays. We're a thriving neighborhood of about 400 homes, beginning on the north bank of the Conodoguinet Creek, and stretching along almost all the way to Armitage Golf Course.

Our neighborhood is sometimes compared to a movie set in appearance. Handsome homes built in the 1960s on large lots are flocked by mature oaks, maples, and other trees, making the neighborhood shady in summer and brilliantly colorful in fall. Two parks and two open areas next to the creek add to the sense of open space.

Although only 5 minutes away from the stores and shops of the Carlisle Pike, Pine Brook is quietly tucked away by the natural shield of the Conodoguinet Creek and the hill it has carved away from, so that the sounds of the neighborhood are the neighborhood itself... from cardinals and sparrows to kids to lawnmowers and neighbors talking while taking their daily stroll.

Many of us lived in Central Pennsylvania for many years before realizing that Pine Brook even existed... which can add to its charm.

Feel free to visit our online neighborhood. We'll try to put up pictures on a regular basis about life and scenes from Pine Brook, the place we gladly call home.

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