PBCA Board Meeting Meeting Minutes - 11/13/2017

Attendees: Lee Morrison, Teresa Williams, Ramon Marin, Carol Deglmann, Kim Zurflieh, Don Fry, Jake Miller, Rick McMullin, Jeanne Lowe

Not Present: Dave Fish, Katie Manning

Meeting began at 7:03 PM.

Treasurer provided his report.  Expenses are running approximately 5% over budgeted amount in the areas of tanbark, landscape maintenance and misc expenses .  To date, we have spent 80% of the budget although we are only 75% through the year.  Cash reserves are larger than usual due to receipt of the proceeds of the sale of land for the bridge, but the final amount available to the association is still pending the resolution of PBCA tax status. The Financial Summary report from 10/15 can be viewed on line.

Kim will take over the welcome baskets while Joan is in Florida.  Ramon will provide her the latest request for reimbursement to identify the starting point.

Susquehanna provided an $1800 estimates for tree trimming in Hidden Park.  Costs are a bit higher due to the lack of direct access to the park, which increases labor.  Lee will call Alpine for another estimate. 

Water has been turned off to the fountain in Pavilion Park.  In the spring, the faucet will need to be repaired or replaced.  Lee did some preliminary research on prices to replace with a frost resistance fountain in future. Ramon will do some further research on options and call the water company to have the water in entrance park turned off.

We still need to identify an engineer to assist us with an assessment of the pavilion.  Carol mentioned that the husband of one of one of the women attending the luncheon is a retired engineer.  Carol will follow up.

There was discussion of prorating dues for neighbors who move in July 1st or later.   Board generally agreed that people who move in after the 1/2 year mark could get prorated dues for the 1st year.

Lee received statement of deed covenants that were not part of PBCA from a person considering a purchase in the 500 block of Lamp Post.  Jeanne will do some research, as some of the houses are not on the originally Pine Brook plan.

We still need to post meeting minutes from some months in 2017 on the PBCA website.

Jake suggested that we identify the Block Captains.  The list may need to be updated,  Possible we could identify block captains in the new directory and post their names on the web site.

Santa Claus typically comes the Monday after Thanksgiving.  After the meeting, Dave Fish offered to call the township to confirm.

Signs for the dues drive in 2018 will take about 2 weeks to produce after they are ordered.  If we want them in January, we should finalize the content at the December meeting..

We will be decorating the front entrance for the holidays on Saturday 10 am Nov 25th.  All welcome!

The next meeting will be held Dec 11th. Lee will provide some holiday refreshments.


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