Minutes of February 19, 2014, board meeting

In attendance: Jacquie Hensel, Lee Morrison, David Fish, Don Fry, Ann Ulp, Ramon Marin, Jean Lowe, Vanessa Chornak

The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m.

Ramon gave treasurer’s report.  More costs for snow removal and a check for $150 for the Hampden Township Fire Department.

Discussion of dues letter to go out soon.  The letter will include a breakdown of expenses from last year.  The biggest upcoming expense will be sidewalk repairs at Front Park and Pavilion Park.  If it can be worked out, the board will see if the company selected to do the repairs can coordinate with residents needing repairs to their sidewalks for a lower rate if all the work can be done at the same time.  

Discussion of distribution of directory.  New residents moving into Pine Brook and paying dues will get a directory.

Jacquie got a letter from a resident interested in helping with doing events and helping on the board.  This is exactly what the board is looking for….residents helping with the many neighborhood events. 

Discussion of adding new events to the calendar of neighborhood events.  Discussion of adding Art in the Park and Movies in the Park.  The board is exploring dates and logistics for these events.

Next upcoming event is the East Egg Hunt at Hidden Park on April 12, 2014, beginning at 11:00 a.m.   Open to all.  Discussion of prizes for upcoming bike parade set for June 28th.  Looking for something simple and cheap. 

Discussion of Dr. Verber’s donation to the neighborhood after a resident recommended his dental practice to a Pine Brook resident.  Dr. Verber has donated $150 to the neighborhood.

Discussion of summer picnic.  Currently set for either September 6 or 13.  The board still is looking for a chairman and help with the event. 

Discussion of snow removal on sidewalks. 


Meeting adjourned 7:48 p.m.


Next meeting at 7 pm, March 10, 2014 Lamp Post Ln., Camp Hill, PA


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