Pine Brook Civic Association Board Meeting, May 13, 2019

In attendance:   Carol Deglmann, David Fish, Don Fry, Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Teresa Williams,  Garrison Price, Don Fry, Wayne Kessler, Mike Kessler, Katie Manning, Brad Perva

There was discussion of the Pavilion reservation process and guidelines on political events and other kinds of potentially controversial events.  Lee provided language as discussed last summer.  The Board recognized that this language may evolve as future events require more guidelines for reservation and usage of the park by members.  Motion was made to include the guidelines on the web site and on reservation form for residents.  Motion passed with no dissent.

Alison McClure has stepped down as PBCA Secretary.  Wayne Kessler volunteered to take over for remainder of Alison’s term.  He plans to provide greater coordination between print and online communications, and streamline the role of Secretary for future volunteers.  Part of that streamlining is creation of new position, Event Coordinator, for the picnic and other events.  Dave Fish volunteered for that role for the time being. Motion to make Wayne Secretary passed with no dissent.

President Lee Morrison provided clarification of the PBCA’s tax payment situation at the present time.

Dave Fish will send an email about the new polling location for the May 21st primary election, as the prior polling location is now closed.

Treasurer Ramon Marin gave the budget report for May 2019.  We are in the process of updating the online database with member payment information so a new dues email can be sent.

Brad Perva and Garrison Price gave a report on the shed at Pavilion Park. It was inspected and found to be fine structurally on the exterior but the storage area still needs to be inspected.  They are in the process of getting quotes for new roof shingles, and for sealing the shed from damage from carpenter bees and squirrels.  They hope to estimates for discussion by Board at next meeting.

The Pine Brook Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, September 7th.

Lee Morrison reminded the board that PBCA needs to hire snow removal service for the 2019-20 season.

Garrison and Ramon are to coordinate to get the water turned on at the Pavilion.

Discussion about the bridge work and impact on front entrance.  Discussion of moving the table from the front entrance to the hidden park for the time being.  In addition, discussion of clearing up area around the wall and sign to make sure construction workers are careful with it over their time here.

Meeting adjourned, next meeting to be held at 7 PM, Monday, June 10th.

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