Board meeting minutes September 12, 2016


In attendance: Lee Morrison, David Fish, Kim Zurflieh, Ann Ulp, Carol Staz, John Alford, Billy Fish, Carol Deglmann, Wayne Kessler, Jeanne Lowe, Don Fry, Therese Williams,

Meeting started at 7:00 p.m.

Billy Fish discussed his William T. Hornaday projects.  He completed a cleanup of the Conodoguinet creek next to Pine Brook.  Billy asked for a letter from the Board to submit to Boy Scouts discussing the two projects he had done for the Hornaday award linked to the neighborhood:  the installation of the storm drain markers and the cleanup of the creek. 

Carol Staz addressed a zoning change requested by a Pine Brook resident to allow for a one-chair hair salon in the resident’s house at 3803 Lamp Post.  A zoning hearing will take place on September 26, 2016, at the township building.  Carol was concerned about people visiting the hair solon and then deciding to walk on private property to see the creek. There will be an increase in strangers coming into the neighborhood which could lead to problems.  This would also change the character of the neighborhood.  Once one business starts, it could lead to many more businesses coming into Pine Brook.  Carol referenced an example of Central Boulevard which now has many businesses along the road changing the neighborhood.  During the discussion, it was asked if the zoning would require a sign in front of the house.  There are other mixed use neighborhoods in which the resident could have bought a home.  The resident does not own the house yet, but has put a contingency on the sale of the house to allow the business.

John Alford, a lawyer, suggested there may be problems with the public announcement of the zoning change not mentioning a business being started.  Additionally, the notice did not go out to very many residents in Pine Brook.  There may be issues how the matter referenced legally.  The resident is not living in Pine Brook yet and that may also be a factor.  The zoning laws protect the existing character of the neighborhood, but if no one questions the zoning change, it may go through.  There could also be parking regulation issues.  John mentioned this matter was an appeal of a September 1, 2016, decision by the Township Commissioner meeting that pushed the matter to the zoning board.  If the zoning board rules, it will be final, but the woman will not buy the house unless the variance is allowed.  It was recommended residents do not contact the commissioners, it is better to show up at the meeting on September 21, 2016, 7:30 p.m., room 202, Township Building.

Ramon submitted a treasurer report.  Wayne discussed a positive test of the electronic system for collecting dues.  Wayne will send out an email requesting nonpayers to test the system and pay their 2016 dues.

Discussion of continuing the “meet and greet” with residents during board meetings.  So far, attendance has not been as anticipated. 

Discussion of dead limbs on trees by Front Entrance.  Needs trimming work.  The board will look into getting estimates. 

Discussion of trees along the streets in Pine Brook.  Currently, you cannot replant trees between sidewalk and street.  But, there may be species of trees that can be planted also long as they don’t impact underground utilities.  The Township has indicated they would be willing to allow certain trees, but would be willing to start a Shade Tree Commission. 

Discussion of new PBCA directory coming out in Spring 2017.  May go out only to dues paying members of the association.

Discussion of whether to have John represent the board at the zoning meeting.  Lee asked if the board would support opposing the zoning variance for a non-Pine Brook homeowner.  The board agreed. 

Next meeting at October 3, 2016, at Pavilion Park.  This will be the PBCA Annual Meeting and election.

Meeting ended 8:33 p.m.


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