Board of Directors

The Pine Brook Civic Association has a volunteer, nonpaid Board of Directors comprised of four elected officers (President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer), one Past President, and eight elected regular Board Members. Primarily, regular Board Members serve to provide input at monthly meetings on issues facing the Pine Brook Civic Association and vote on those issues when necessary for approval. This includes, but not limited to, future planning for the parks, larger item disbursements, schedule setting, and communications efforts for the Association.

Each regular Board Member serves a one year term and must be re-elected at the next Annual Meeting to continue on the Board for the following year. (Officers serve 2 year terms.)

2020-21 Board

President: Lee Morrison

Vice-President: Garrison Price

Treasurer: Ramon Marin

Secretary: Jeff Schofield

Grounds Manager: Brad Perva and Garrison Price


  • Catherine Azeles
  • Zach Duffy
  • Lisa Keck
  • Mike Kessler
  • Brad Perva
  • Jeff Schofield
  • Benn Trasatt
  • Teresa Williams

Previous President: Jacquie Kirby Hensel

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