May 1, 2017, Bridge meeting at Pavilion Park

Meeting attended by PBCA Board members and 38 residents of Pine Brook.

Meeting began 7:06 pm

Discussion of the county’s plans to build the new bridge.  The various stages of the project were outlined. Cumberland County will be overseeing the project which will be funded by state and federal sources.  The Pine Brook Civic Association (PBCA) Board is reviewing the effects of the project on the front entrance, the wall and Front Park and negotiating the County’s taking of part of our property. As part of this effort, the Board presented written questions which were answered by the County. Board members also met with representatives of the County and PPL at the site, where the County explained all aspects of how the bridge would impact the front entrance. Both the questions / answers and summary of the meeting are posted on our website. During the construction project, an inspector will be available to answer any questions the PBCA may have.

Discussion of the placement of the PPL power lines.  The first plan indicated the power lines would go through part of our Front Park.  The PBCA Board objected.  PPL is currently examining other ideas, but the PBCA Board will oppose any plan to locate the power lines through Front Park.

The county hopes to begin construction by the end of 2017, but at this point the county is still negotiating with the individual property owners.

The PBCA Board will update residents as information becomes available.

Residents raised questions for which the Board will seek answers:

-- What entity is responsible for clearing debris which gathers next to the bridge?

-- Will the pumping station at the end of Lamp Post Lane be used to store material or debris from the bridge construction?

The PBCA Board discussed getting an independent appraisal of the value of the land to be taken by the County.  The Board voted in favor of getting an appraisal.

Meeting ended 7:43 pm.

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