Why should I join the email discussion group?

Millions of people from all walks of life, business and industry groups, and even government agencies have found that email discussions through the Internet are one of the best ways to collaborate and discuss ideas across the globe. These online discussions allow you to easily send an identical mail message - a request for help or information, a job posting, or an announcement, for example -- to all the members of a list simply by sending one message to a single address called a listserver address. Listservers have been used on the Internet for years by computer-savvy types to share ideas, discuss issues and announce events.

Now we have an email discussion group exclusively for those of us who live in Pine Brook to use the power of these email discussions to communicate about common interests. Such interests could be the offering of buying or selling equipment, vehicles, etc.; the offering of services, such as babysitting, yard care, etc., the interest of neighbors in purchasing services or products elsewhere and using a collective buying power to reduce their costs (e.g. driveway repair, fence replacement); or simply to discuss ways to further improve common facilities (parks and roads), and to share ideas and issues in the neighborhood.

Who may join the list?

All current residents of Pine Brook are invited to join. This list is supported by PBCA annual dues. To sign up, click here and email us your name and address.

Are there any requirements or restrictions on content?

Emails will be rejected if they are not sent from a registered email address.

Discussions within this email group should be devoted only to issues related in some way to Pine Brook and the residents that live here.

In general, negative comments about another resident or property in the neighborhood do not belong on this list. There are always two sides to a specific dispute, and if this forum gets into providing a venue for disputes as a practice, the value of the list will be greatly diminished.

We do ask that only smaller graphics or documents be sent through the list.  Many email servers cannot accept email with large attachments.  If your file is over 5 MB in size, there's a good chance some folks won't receive your email.  If you load several files of that size, there's a good chance no one will receive it.

Use of vulgar language in messages sent to the list may result in expulsion from the list.

Direct business marketing by a business to the list is not generally allowed.  Discussion of a business by neighbors as a recommendation for service/products is of value to residents and appreciated. 

Recently we had a question arise about expressing political support for candidates through our email discussion listserv. While the PBCA encourages civic involvement, the listserv should not be used as a tool to advocate a particular candidate. The point of the listserv is to share resources and information of interest to our neighborhood.  We prefer that the email listserv not become a venue for promoting political candidates, from experience we realize this turns some people off and reduces participation in the list. 

Who can I contact if I have more questions about this discussion group?

For more information or specific questions about this discussion group, email us here.

For members, you can email the listserv directly at pbca@pinebrookcivicassociation.org. You must have an approved email address in order to send to the group.

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