Suggested parameters for use of Pine Brook parks:

Generally parks are available for use by any Pine Brook resident. We ask only that the household is current on dues payment. Our neighborhood parks are intended for use by residents, so the public at large is not welcome to use them. Local youth sports groups have used the parks in the past, and we have no objection to their pre-arranged use in the future. Further, in some cases there is proposed use beyond personal use by a resident, so the PBCA Board is setting out rules for such use.

First, no commercial use of the parks is permitted, even though a Pine Brook resident is a member of the group wishing to use the park. This exclusion includes non-commercial use intended to lead to commercial benefits, such as free seminars or lessons. Secondly, out of respect for differing views on religion and non-charitable “single cause” issues (such as impeachment), parks will not be available to such groups.

As a general matter, groups having readily identifiable charitable or civic purposes, and a Pine Brook resident as a member, are welcome to use the parks. So a group trying to fund the SPCA, or raise money for a Trinity student educational trip, would be welcome; regardless of underlying affiliation, the immediate purpose would be civic or charitable. Political events may or may not be appropriate. The PBCA welcomes and encourages civic involvement, particularly the chance for residents to meet candidates and to discuss issues. However, since the parks are community property, we are aware that some political usage could be offensive. To avoid that, political events must not set out campaign signs or use loudspeakers or similar devices, nor should the principal purpose be fund raising for a candidate. Small handouts and incidentally welcoming contributions are acceptable, as are signs indicating the nature of the event (“Meet senate candidate Snuffy”). The primary purpose should be to allow people in Pine Brook to meet the candidate(s) and / or to discuss issues, even if the entity holding the event has a definite party affiliation.

We trust everyone in Pine Brook will accept these limitations as the best compromise between unlimited and overly restrictive park usage. Also, please be aware that PBCA insurance, like other homeowner association policies, does not cover Pine Brook residents for accidents at our parks; your own homeowner policy may well provide coverage. However, for events which go beyond your extended family, such as a charitable group fund-raiser, we ask that you obtain an event coverage policy. To assist us in reviewing our policies, please indicate the nature of your event and whether you will obtain event insurance coverage on the form when you reserve the park.

Thank you, your PBCA Board.

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