Annual meeting minutes October 3, 2016

In attendance via proxy: Arnold, Ault, Blaslovich, Bryer, Carpinello, Cavrich, Condrige, Conti, Devlin, Dillahey, Endlich, Fenwick, Frantz, Hess, Howell, Hower, John, Koerner, Kontanis, Lose, Marin, Marr, Walt Miller, Norato, Olejniczak, Pepperman, Reed, Ross, Rustici, Seaman, Schuckers, Simpson, Smith, Stine, Stiteler, Ulp, Ulrich, Vollmar, Webb

In attendance in person: Dave Chajkowski, Carole Deglemann, David Fish, Don Fry, Wayne Kessler, Jill Lombardi, Carole Manchon, Mike Manchon, Sally Mayhew, Rick McMullin, Lee Morrison, Charles Mullin, Peter Pennington, Carol Staz, Karen Szukalski, Louis Waddell, Eleanor Weiser, Neil Weiser, Sara Weiser, Kim Zurflieh.

Meeting started at 7:01 p.m.

Lee Morrision welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting. 

The president called for a vote on the current candidates for the office of president and vice-president:

President:  Lee Morrison

Vice-president:  Kim Zurflieh

Dave Fish moved for the vote, Dave Chajkowski seconded. The vote was unanimous in favor of accepting the candidates.

The president called for a vote on the individuals currently running for the PBCA board:

Pam Bentz

Dave Chajkowski

Carol Deglmann 

Don Fry

Wayne Kessler

Jeanne Lowe

Gary Marr

Rick McMullin


Wayne Kessler motioned for a vote, Dave Chajkowski seconded. The vote was unanimous in favor of accepting the candidates.

In 2015, the revenue collected was $1,450 less than budgeted.  This makes the second year in a row that dues collected was lower than 2014.  Dues will remain the same as $75. 

Kim asked about tree work at Front Park and Pavilion Park.  Some trees have dead limbs and one tree needs to come down.  So far, the board has received only on return bid for $2,300.  The board is looking for other bids. 

Discussion of removing trees between sidewalk and street.  Homeowners own the trees and they are responsible for maintaining trees.  Please remember, if trees between the sidewalk and the street are removed, under current Township laws, the trees cannot be replaced.  The board is attempting to get the Township to allow smaller, ornamental trees between the sidewalk and the street. 

Discussion of allowing electronic payment of dues.  There is a fee for the service, but if it will increase participation, then it will be worth small transaction fee.  Other no fee options are possible, and the board will discuss these. Some of the services could be tied to the neighborhood email list allowing for better accountability.

Discussion of possibly putting out a sign each year reminding residents it was time to pay dues.  Perhaps sending out a smaller monthly newsletter welcoming new paid members and providing some content.  Might help create a greater sense of community. 

There is a need for new Block Captains.  It would be best to have a Block Captain who lives in the block they deliver.  This would also help create a bigger sense of community. 

Discussion of bridge repairs needed now to fix holes in bridge deck.  The problem is the bridge is not to be replaced until 2018 and the bridge is owned by Cumberland County.  But, if residents were to contact the county, this could help with immediate repairs. 

Discussion of the latest news on zoning change for 3803 Lamp Post Lane.  There have been claims a new “for Sale” sign in front of the house and that the house was no longer listed as “pending,” but the final decision by the Zoning Board will not be announced until the October 19th meeting.  Discussion of perhaps letting realtors in the area know they should not attempt to sign contracts contingent upon zoning variances as the neighborhood will fight it.  [The Zoning board rejected the variance at the October 19th meeting].

Next meeting at November 14, 2016, at 420 Lamp Post Lane.


Meeting ended 8:33 p.m.




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