PBCA Minutes, Monday, June 10, 2019

In attendance:   Carol Deglmann, David Fish, Don Fry, Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin,  Wayne Kessler, Mike Kessler, Rick McMullin, Zach Duffy

There was discussion about the proposed development on the Carlisle Pike at the St. John's intersection for apartments and other development.  The Board wants to get information on traffic impacy studies for the Carlisle Pike and surrounding area.  The Hampden Township Planning Commission will be meeting on Thursday the 13th, and Rick plans to go and get more information about the status of this development.

The next PBCA newsletter is planned to be mailed at the end of July.

Dues are slowly coming in from last week's emailing to non-paying residents of Pine Brook.  The Board will monitor dues payment for the next few weeks before any further outreach.

Sign language for the front entrance park was approved.  The plan is to acquire signs to cut down on the unauthorized use of the front entrance property by non-residents.  Hopefully by identifying that the front entrance is a PBCA-owned property for the purpose of Pine Brook residents and their guests,  this will cut down on unauthorized use.  Garrison will look into getting the signs made.

The water at the Pavilion Park was turned on in May.

We will need to move the table at the front entrance to another park prior to bridge work beginning at the front entrance.  Garrison and Brad were looking into moving it.

Meeting adjourned, next meeting to be held at 7 PM, Monday, July 1st. 

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