Minutes from last meeting
Board meeting October 19, 2015
In attendance: Jacquie Kirby, David Fish, Ann Ulp, Lee Morrison, Jeanne Lowe, Wayne Kessler, Dave Chajkowski, Don Fry, Ramon Marin

Meeting started 7:00 p.m.

Discussion of picnic.  Seventy-five people or so attended.  A little less than expected, but with the Pope in Philly, probably cut into turnout.  Jacquie and Ann did the bike parade, but turnout was very low.  For those who showed up, it was a fun event.

Discussion of minutes for the monthly meetings.  They are posted online for any interested individuals.  The minutes will be approved at the next board meeting before being posted online. 
Discussion of the duties and responsibilities of the treasurer.  The treasurer is not the collector of funds.  There must me a second set of eyes and books accounting the money first.  The secretary has been the person collecting the dues each year in order to provide a second set of eyes and in order to maintain the Pine Brook database.  This database is used to officially record paid members of the association.  The treasurer is not the person who authorizes payments nor solicits contracts…..this is done by the board and checks are paid by the treasurer.  Again, this is done to provide separation and accountability. 

The budget is passed by the board and maintained by the treasurer.  All budgets are posted on the Pine Brook website.  Almost all money into the PBCA is via check from residents.  The only cash is from the picnic and is accounted by the people at the picnic registration table. 

Discussion of new annual dues letter.  Wayne will come up with a draft version of the letter and distribute to the board members for suggestions to be made at the November meeting. Discussion of non-paying members and ways to increase payments. Wayne suggested appealing to people’s pride in neighborhood.  Maybe have the block captains talk with residents in their block. Discussion of “meet and greet” sessions with board members and groups of Pine Brook residents.

Discussion of grubs at Pavilion Park.  Raccoons or skunks have been going after the grubs and are tearing up the grass.  The board will look into options of grub treatments for the park.

Discussion of the new Orrs Bridge being built.  The association still has not been notified of any plans to use any portion of Front Park in the bridge replacement project.  Jacquie will contact the Township for additional information. 

Discussion of deferred maintenance of the pavilion.  The pavilion most likely needs to be stained and minor holes repaired.  Perhaps treatment for bugs.  The current building is at least 40 years old.  The roof is fairly new and the entire electrical system was replaced a few years ago.  The board will examine options.

Jacquie announced she was resigning as President to the association due to her membership with other volunteer groups and boards.  They were taking much more of her time than she expected. Lee will take over as president.  The board will start a search for a new vice-president.   There was a brief discussion of changing the bylaws to allow for term limits to board members.  This might expedite new members coming to the board. 

Discussion of a complaint by a resident of a homeowner parking a car and trailer in their front yard.  This is a township violation and residents are encouraged to contact the township.

Meeting ended 8:16 p.m.
Next board meeting on November 9, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. at 420 Lamp Post Ln. 

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