Board meeting minutes August 14, 2017

In attendance:  Lee Morrison, David Fish, Kim Zurflieh, Rick McMullin, Wayne Kessler, Carol Deglman, Don Fry, Gary Marr, Ramon Marin, Dave Chajkowski

Meeting started at 7:00 p.m.

Discussion of attracting new members to the board as the current members have been serving for many, many years and have children that have grown and moved out or are about to graduate from high school.  It is time for a new wave of leadership with participation by board members who have younger children and more interest in serving the community.   Wayne Kessler has expressed interest in leaving the board after having served as a board member and president of the association.   The Board members will be seeking input from other residents on individuals willing to serve as a board member or officer of the PBCA.

Treasurer gave a report.  Expenses are tracking according to expectations.  Dues collection are better than last year, but still below the money needed for expected costs. 

Discussion of bridge construction and lights on the new Orrs Bridge.  The Township is considering a proposal by the PBCA Board for low impact lights along the walkway of the bridge. 

Discussion of burnt out lights at front entrance.  Gary will look into the problem and fix any lights that need replacing and cleaning.

Discussion of picnic.  Still need people to help with various aspects of set up and running events.

Discussion of persuading the Township Council to allow replacement of trees in between the street and the sidewalk.  Perhaps request permission of smaller ornamental trees.  Discussion of the Board establishing a group to write an ordinance the township would approve. Perhaps work with other local community associations to create additional pressure.  Kim has a list of trees allowed in Pennsylvania cities which are allowed to be planted in the same area and are not intrusive.

Discussion of speeding cars in Pine Brook.  The Township Police surveyed the neighborhood and determined there were some speeding cars.  The Police do want residents to report any violations they observe.  The Police will follow up (anonymously) with the owners of the vehicles.  Call xxx-xxxx.  (follow up with email to neighborhood)

Meeting ended 7:58 p.m.

Next meeting on September 18, 2017, at 7pm at 420 Lamp Post Ln.


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