PBCA Annual Meeting, October 7, 2019

Meeting began at 7 PM at Pavilion Park.

In attendance:

Board:   Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Wayne Kessler, Garrison Price, Don Fry, Katie Manning, Rick McMullin, Teresa Williams, Brad Perva, Carol Deglmann

Members:  Charlie Mullin, Mike Paduano, Dave Fish, Michael Kessler, Matt Burkley, Lisa Keck, Karen Szukalski, Jeffrey Schofield

Proxy Household Quorum Votes:  Miller, John, Wright, Gleeson, Hensel, Ault, Ault, Koerner, Greiner, Culwell, Ulp, Smith, Seeley, Fenwick, Vollmar/Silliker, Osborne, Schuckers, Olejniczak, Ross, Updegraff

A quorum was established with 38 voters.

Ramon Marin gave the Treasurers Report for the year so far.  There was an explanation of amount received for the front entrance.  Dues collection for 2019 has falled about $4K below projections which meant spending some savings for 2019.  Ramon explained that after the remaining months of 2019, the 2020 budget will be built based on the revenues and expenses of the final tally for 2019.

Question was asked why dues were being charged with money in bank from sale of land.  Answer was that money needed to be saved for unexpected costs or downturns in revenue.  2019 was not a good year for dues collections and savings were spent.  We have had several "surprise" expenses over the past 15 years that required use of savings.  Essentially dues are to cover the
cost of annual expenses.

There was a discussion as to whether bylaws should be reviewed for 2020 for purposes of procedures, and whether some bylaws do not fit the needs/practices at this point in time.  Motion made and passed to review bylaws for 2020 Annual Meeting consideration.

Brief discussion about more signage for the Pine Brook Civic Association park properties.  To be discussed in future.

Teresa is working on taking over the new neighbor welcome process.  Getting data on new neighbors moving in is key.  Discussion about reconstituting the block captains.

Brad offered to do snow removal at park properties until a contractor is determined.

Garrison was approved for putting in a locked drop box at the Pavilion where neighbors can leave items such as dues, proxy forms, etc.  Procedures for collection of contents on regular basis to be developed.

Brief discussion of the apartments being considered on St. John's and Carlisle Pike.  The Township has tabled consideration until February 2020.

There was then offered the following slate for Officers and Board Members for the next year:

Secretary Wayne Kessler
Treasurer Ramon Marin

Carol Deglmann
Zach Duffy
Lisa Keck
Mike Kessler
Katie Manning
Rick McMullin
Brad Perva
Teresa Williams

The slate of Officers and Board Members was voted upon and approved.

Stepping down from the Board was Jake Miller and Don Fry.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00.

Next Meeting: Monday, November 4th

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