Annual meeting minutes October 2, 2017

In attendance:  Lee Morrison, David Fish, Kim Zurflieh, Carol Deglman, Don Fry, Gary Marr, Dave Chajkowski, Keck, Katie Manning, Jake Miller, Ann Ulp, Brad Perva, Weiser family (3x), Jeanne Lowe, Pennington, Price, Teresa Williams

In attendance via proxy: Ault, Bonetti, Bowers, Bryer, Carpinello, Endlich, Evans, Fenwick, Futchko, M. Heckman, Hensel, Howell, Hower, John, W. Kessler, Kinsinger, Koerner, S. Lepley, Lose, Mayeski, McMullin, Moomaw, Notarian, Olejniczak, Pepperman, Prosser, Reed, K. Richards, Rignani, Ross, Schuckers, Seaman, G. Simpson, Smith, Spade, Stephensen, Stiteler, Ulrich, Voda, Volmer, Weikert.

Meeting started at 7:00 p.m.

Lee introduced the current board and executive board. 

Recap of developments in the planned new Orrs Bridge.  The board reached a settlement with the county on the amount to be paid to the association for land to be used and the rent of Front Park for construction staging.  Mention of the depletion of the PBCA’s Rainy Day fund over the years to now a critical level.  Upcoming expenses include trimming of trees at Hidden Park and work to the Pavilion due to damage by animals, insects and weather. 

Election of David Fish for Secretary and Ramon Marin for Treasurer for the PBCA.

Election of Dave Chajkowski, Carol Deglmann, Don Fry, Jeanne Lowe, Katie Manning, Rick McMullin, Jake Miller and Teresa Williams as members of the PBCA board. 

Kim motioned for a vote for the entire slate of candidates, Ann Ulp seconded.  The candidates were voted in unanimously. 

Discussion of trees in the neighborhood between the sidewalk and the street.  The Township’s position is that these trees cannot be replaced when cut down.  The board is examining options to have these trees replaced due to the shade they provide and the amount of water the trees drink which would otherwise end up in basements.

The Board suggested environmentally friendly pedestrian lights on the bridge and suggestions were sent to the Township.  The Township, at this time, do not plan to put any lights on the new bridge. 

 Discussion of reaching out to an environmental or wildlife group to find option to rescue the Spoonbill if the bird does not leave the area. 

Discussion of the start of the construction of the new bridge is now set for the summer of 2018.  Issues not related to Pine Brook are holding up the process. 

Discussion of reaching out to civil engineers to get some suggestions for repairs and/or improvements to the Pavilion. 

Discussion of upgrading the playground equipment at Hidden Park.  Possibly fundraising for new contemporary equipment. 

Meeting ended 7:28 p.m.

Next meeting on November 13, 2017, at 7pm at 420 Lamp Post Ln.



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