Board meeting minutes April 8, 2019

In attendance: 

Carol Deglmann, David Fish, Don Fry, Jake Miller, Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Teresa Williams, Zack Duffy, Garrison Price

Meeting started at 7:00 p.m.

Treasurer gave report.  About $23,000 in savings, $15,000 in CD, $3,000 in checking

The President stated the Association federal taxes were being prepared. Payment was made electronically, along with an extension request. Our accountant also prepared a Pennsylvania tax return and those taxes were paid. It is the President’s opinion that the Association should not owe Pennsylvania income taxes, and an amended return and refund will be pursued. The IRS has also assessed a penalty for not making Association estimated payments, an impossibility given that we did not know when or how much we would receive from the County. The possibility of a refund is being pursued.

Garrison gave a report on the landscaping committee and the shed improvement committee.  A master gardener met with Garrison and provided some tips for Pavilion Park.  These concerned weeding and suggestions on how and where to mulch.  Also she provided some ideas on how to control weeds in flower beds along the fence.  There will be a Pavilion Park mulch day on April 20th

Discussion of restarting the Pine Brook Garden Club.  Carol was asking folks she knew if there was any interest. 

Discussion of donation of old PBCA minutes from Ann Ulp.  Garrison was interested in doing something with them……. Perhaps gather any historical PBCA tax information. 

Discussion of the pavilion shed renovation project.  Garrison met with some folks to discuss any problems and priority.  Roof, critters chewing wood and drainage issues were noted.  The sheds concrete deck needs work to repair cracks, leveling and water pooling.  The items in the rafters need to be cleared out and trashed.  Discussion of installing gutters to help with water management. 

Discussion of estimate of mowing Front Park once bridge construction starts.  Company doing the mowing will reduce charges according to the amount of the ground occupied by the construction equipment. 

Discussion of finding a member of the board to answer routine questions from the neighborhood.  Perhaps starting an FAQ page on the website. 

Perhaps a reminder should be sent out about the change in poll location. 

Discussion of April 25th ceremony at Front Park to do a press event announcing the start of the bridge construction.

Meeting ended 8:08 p.m.

Next meeting is May 13, 2018, at 7pm at 420 Lamp Post Lane.

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