Board meeting minutes April 9, 2018

In attendance:  Carol Deglmann, Dave Chajkowski, David Fish, Jake Miller, Katie Manning, Kim Zurflieh, Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Rick McMullin,

Meeting started at 7:00 p.m.

Discussion of dues letter.  The letter will out to the residents who have not paid yet (The door knob hangers and newsletter were the first notifications and cost less than sending out a letter).  The letter will focus on the need for people to pay their dues to meet the obligations of the association.

Rick mentioned the tree work at Hidden Park is set for the week of April 10 – 14.  Some trees will have to be removed.  The cost will be $4,375. 

The playground equipment will be installed at Hidden Park on Saturday, April 14, 2018, at 10 am.

The fountain at Pavilion Park will be fixed to repair damage due to freezing.  Sometime in the beginning of May. 

Discussion of asking the Hampden Township board to change an ordinance to allow the replanting of certain trees between the street and the sidewalk.  There are some types of trees which will not produce the problems that Maples and Oak trees do.  Maybe work with other neighborhoods with similar issues. 

The Hidden Park woodcarpet/mulch day is set for Friday April 20, 2018, at 5pm.  The cost of the 25 cubic yards of specialty product (designed just for playgrounds) is $695 or $30 more than last year. Volunteers are needed to help spread the mulch. 

Katie and Alison did another outstanding job organizing the Easter Egg Hunt at Hidden Park on the Saturday before Easter.  Lots of kids and adults had a great time.

Kim discussed options for installing dog waste bags stations for the three parks.  Cost for the boxes is about $50 each with some other costs for posts and cement to install the boxes.  The board will purchase one box to determine how best to install the boxes. 

Meeting ended 7:47 p.m.

Next meeting is May 21, 2018, at 7pm at 420 Lamp Post Lane.

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