Minutes for April 13th, 2020 PBCA Meeting

In attendance:  Lee Morrison,  Ramon Marin, Wayne Kessler, Carol Deglmann, Mike Kessler,  Rick McMullin, Teresa Williams, Lisa Keck, Katie Manning, Brad Perva

Meeting began at 7 PM.  Because of the Stay At Home order, the meeting was held online.

Ramon gave the Treasurers Report.  We are currently at about 60% of dues collection.  March was a slower revenue month.

Wayne gave dues collection report.  Because of the pandemic, social and economic disruption, there had not been an email or mailing for dues sent since the beginning of March.    Last Friday Wayne sent an email to those who had not paid dues, since then there have been 18 additional payments and more expected by mail this week.  A letter to all neighbors who haven't paid dues will go out later in April with a simple request to help pay for PBCA costs for the year.

Wayne also explained that directory database updates are still only slightly over 50% of the households, the others have not responded yet.  This work will continue.

There was a decision to put off renting the porta-potty for the Pavilion Park until Pennsylvania gets past the social distancing and closed business limits.

There will be no Pavilion Park reservations until the social distancing limits are lifted for Pennsylvania.

The Spring Yard sale was cancelled as far as PBCA's participation in it is concerned.

Katie suggested a simple plant swap for the weekend of May 1st instead, that those who want to give away plants can put them at the end of their driveway for others to take, and announce the availability on the PBCA email list. There should be an announcement to this in the near future.  It will be including a reminder to be socially distanced.

Lisa brought up the idea of having a food truck come to the Pavilion Park once in a while, with Pine Brook residents knowing in advance, so folks don't necessarily have to cook every night.  Because of social distancing concerns this was to be considered after we get past the current situation with the pandemic.

Brad hopes to work on mulching the Hidden Park in the near future.  Again, social distancing rules apply.

Carol announced that the ladies group is not meeting until future notice.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Next Board Meeting is scheduled for May 11th, 2020, online.

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