PBCA Board Meeting, August 10, 2020

Attendance - Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Katie Manning, Garrison Price, Rick McMullin, Zach Duffy, Carol Deglmann, Michael Kessle

Meeting began at 7pm at Pavilion Park

Lee called meeting to order

Ramon gave treasurer report

Ramon gave status of dues collection. At this time we have collected 276 dues outside of those that have yet to be reported to Ramon.

Per a previous meeting we had discussed removing the dead tree from hidden park. Lee was able to get a quote of $650 to remove the tree and stump. He will inquire as to when the company can complete the work.

Garden committee had a meeting morning of the PBCA meeting. In that meeting they had Initial discussions to replace the tree in hidden park. The estimated cost $150 - $300 for replacement tree. They request help with caring and maintaining the tree. In addition, they provided updates around new trees and flowers for all parks and asked for a budget, at this time no budget was determined. Work for front park will be reassessed upon completion of the bridge. Additional conversations were had with regards to planting trees between the side walk and the road, they have identified trees used in urban landscape in other cities that they will gain more info to present to the township.

Picnic - there was a decision that there will be no official picnic for PBCA this year due to the pandemic.  Lee will send an email to neighborhood explaining the decision.

Donations - There was a discussion of whether the PBCA might make donations to residents who incur costs for actions which benefit residents, but are not directly sanctioned by the PBCA. This could include holding events, supplying food to volunteers or getting Christmas decorations. Suggested that a fund be established if feasible.

Addendum to Minutes of August 10, 2020

It is proposed that a line item be added to the PBCA budget, to provide an amount allocated for the purpose of donating to residents who have incurred costs in providing goods, service or events which benefit Pine Brook residents but are not PBCA sanctioned. Residents may inquire whether donations are available for their activities. In no case may any such donation exceed $250 per activity. Further, residents are encouraged to seek nominal donations from event attendees when possible. The Board shall determine the level of account funding for the balance of this fiscal year; thereafter proposed amounts shall be included in future proposed budgets

Election - committee will be formed, at this point we are looking for 2 new PBCA Board members. Michael Kessler will send out an email to the neighborhood seeking candidates and those who may be interested in joining the committee. Current officers elections are VP and President.


Next meeting is planned for 9/14 (second Monday of September) at Pavilion Park at 7 PM.


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