Meeting Minutes for October 5th General PBCA Meeting

Households in Attendance: Kessler, Mullin, Hubler, Emmons, Trasatt, Price, Kessler, Schofield, Morrison, Balogh, Perva, Manning, Hoch, Keck, Ulp, Szukalski, Williams, Burkley, Fry, Letcher, Marin, Azeles

Households Represented by Proxy: Weiser, Hensel, Osborne, Fenwick, Mayberry, Olejniczak, McMullin, Graff, Sutliff, Furr, Wright

Membership in attendance or by proxy meeting the 25 Member threshold, the meeting was called to order by President Lee Morrison.

Wayne Kessler gave the Secretary's Report for the year. After a down year last year, we have met our traditional budget expectation in terms of membership and are close in terms of revenue. Wayne also said that the print directory database still has about 100 households that need data confirmed or returned, his goal is to get that down to about 50 by next month and then go to print.

Ramon Marin gave the Budget Report for 2020, and stated that the 2020 Budget Projection should be based on the same results as the 2020 actuals in both revenue and expenditure. Monthly budget reports are provided on the web site.

Lee Morrison stated that dues would remain the same for 2021, $75 for the year.

Lee then thanked the following members that are leaving the Board at this time: Carol Deglmann, Katie Manning, and Richard McMullin, and thanked them for their valuable years of service on the Board for the neighborhood.

Brad Perva provided an update of the work that has been done at the parks this year, and referenced work that is hoped to be done next year, particularly at Hidden Park.

A question was asked as to whether a breakwater dam was being left above the new bridge on Orrs Bridge. The board will look into it.

June Hoch provided some detail for the gardening committee plans next year, including trees for Hidden Park to provide protection from sunlight for some of the playground equipment to prevent it from getting so hot. Details on the initial draft are here:

The slate for Officer Election was voted upon for 2 year terms, and the following officers were voted for unanimously:

President: Lee Morrison

Vice President: Garrison Price

The slate for Board Members was voted upon for 1 year terms, and the following members were voted for unanimously:

Catherine Azeles

Zach Duffy

Lisa Keck

Mike Kessler

Brad Perva

Jeff Schofield

Benn Trasatt

Teresa Williams

Elected officers and Board Members are effective as of now, until the next General Meeting election in October, 2021.

With that, the Meeting was adjourned at 7:48 PM. 

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