PBCA Board Meeting, November 9, 2020

Attendance - Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Garrison Price, Michael Kessler, Wayne Kessler, Brad Perva, Catherine Azeles, Lisa Keck, Jeff Schofield, Benn Trasatt, Teresa Williams

Meeting began at 7pm at Pavilion Park

Lee called meeting to order

Wayne gave Secretary Report. We've met the budgeted estimate for members for 2020, slightly lower on membership dollars due to fee charges on online payments, but very close. Wayne recommended that we call it a year for this year's dues, and prepare for the 2021 membership year.

The Print Directory updates continue to be problematic. Even after 2 emailings in October, over 100 households have not provided updated or confirmed information for the print directory. Wayne will generate report of missing household data, distribute to Board, and the Board will share in responsibility of personally visiting homes to get updated information. Goal is to get the publication in print for January, and in person distribution will happen then.

The portapotty at Pavilion Park will be removed the week of Thanksgiving.

Ramon gave treasurer report which confirmed Wayne's report on dues.

Lee reported that clearly bridge is completed, the dam is gone. DEP had issues with dam, Lee is planning to contact them to determine the issue.

Riparian restoration has been started, not sure if anything more is planned by county.

Lights for Bridge - The Township didn't want to pay for the lights suggested in the original bridge plan at this time. Garrison is going to research other lighting options that might be suggested to the Township.

There was discussion of whether it was time for neighbors to take down political candidate signs. Most have already been taken down. Hampden Township ordinance states:

Political Signs. Signs announcing candidates seeking public office, ballot issues and other information pertinent thereto shall be permit­ted. Such signs may be displayed not more than 60 days prior to and not later than 7 days after the election for which the sign is in­tended.

Decision was made to provide the Hampden Township ordinance info to residents only.

There was brief discussion about how to provide temporary enclosure to the Pavilion for winter usage purposes. Garrison is looking into it.

Brad said there's a little more work to be done at the Pavilion in near future: final staining, fixing downspouts. Also looking at work on retaining wall in spring. There was also discussion about touching up the Pine Brook sign at entrance of Lamp Post Lane.

Lee announced we hopefully, finally, have somebody to do snow removal around the parks.

Lisa asked for help in a committee to providing wording in bylaws to allow renters to be members and participate in PBCA. Mke, Brad and Teresa offered to help.


Next meeting is planned for 12/14 (second Monday of December) at Pavilion Park at 7 PM, weather permitting.

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