PBCA Board Meeting, March 8, 2021

Attendance - Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Garrison Price, Michael Kessler, Wayne Kessler, Brad Perva, Catherine Azeles, Lisa Keck, Teresa Williams, Zach Duffy, Jeff Schofield, Benn Trasatt,  Alison McClure

Meeting began at 7pm on Zoom.

Wayne called meeting to order as Lee was dealing with computer issues.

Wayne gave Secretary Report. Dues collection began in mid February with an email request.   Already 111 households have paid dues.  There will be a mailed dues collection letter sent in early April to all unpaid households at that point in time.

The directory is at the printer.  It should be delivered this week.  Once received, Wayne will schedule a time for pickup at Pavilion Park by 2020 and/or 2021 paid members.  After that, a delivery plan will be implemented.

Ramon gave treasurer report.  Dues are coming in, advertising revenue for the directory came in.

Discussion of the spring yard sale.  Board agreed to advertise it for May 21 and May 22, 2021.  State recommended protocols for Covid will be included in email notice.

Brad reminded everyone to get their vendor information to Katie Azeles for development of a Board manual for future reference.

Brad wants to order mulch for early April for Pavilion Park and front entrance.  Garrison wants to look at retaining wall at Pavilion Park first before they determine the amount to order.

Porta Potty ordering.  Discussion about getting vendor to clean porta potty during daytime hours.  Brad will call them to commit to this before we sign a contract.  Also discussion about placing a gate on fence on Orrs Bridge and establishing a place on that side of park for porta potty.  To be determined.

Water will be turned on at some point in April at Pavilion Park.

Garrison will follow up with Garden Committee people about possible plans for 2021.

Garrison has a couple of private property park signs to put up in front entrance this spring.

Discussion about Easter Egg hunt.  Katie Manning would be interested in coordinate the egg hunt this year.  Tentatively discussed as March 28th, determination of which park(s) remains to be made.  Allison McClure will provide plastic eggs to the Pine Brook Civic Association and receive receipt for her donation.

There was a discussion about listserv and Facebook discussions that involved Alison and Garrison.   Both sides said their piece and agreed to move on.

Discussion about the park grass care and snow removal agreements. Lee confirmed price from new vendor.  It appears the PBCA will use the new vendor for grass cutting and snow removal for 2021.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 12 at 7 PM at Pavilion Park.

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