PBCA Board Minutes, June 14, 2021

1. Ramon gave the treasurers report:
* 5 additional dues payments were received
* currently 219 households are
Paid members
* Brad has receipts for
reimbursement from sod
machine rental, sod purchase,
tree trimming

2. Lee gave presidents report:
* Regarding the water spigot at the park at Orrs Bridge- due to incorrect grading of area after bridge construction, the water spigot is not functioning, and so there’s no water to water the area plants until this is corrected.

* Port-a-potty at Pavilion Park
- further amelioration solutions
were discussed

*. Neighborhood Picnic date-September 11, 2021 (changed from 9/12/21)
*Katie Azeles, Elyse, and Ann are continuing to work on plans and ideas

Submitted by Teresa Williams

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