PBCA Board Meeting, January 11, 2021

Attendance - Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Garrison Price, Michael Kessler, Wayne Kessler, Brad Perva, Catherine Azeles, Lisa Keck, Benn Trasatt, Teresa Williams, Zach Duffy

Meeting began at 7pm on Zoom.

Lee called meeting to order.

Wayne gave Secretary Report. Dues collection has not begun and Wayne doesn't want to start until directory goes to printer so that can be reported in dues announcement.  Still waiting for updates from Board volunteers of collecting from nearly 100 homes that we have not received any updated information.  Board members promised to have data to Wayne by end of January.

Discussion about delivery of printed directory when ready.  Plan is to have a day at Pavilion where members can pick up, and will be delivered afterwards to remaining paid members of 2020 or 2021 when possible.

Ramon gave treasurer report which included proposed budget for this year.  We are planning on getting approximately same amount of dues at the same dues rate.

Lee is still working on getting language together for a tree ordinance to suggest to Hampden Township, to allow for trees to be planted in front yards as older trees have to be removed over time.

Brad and Garrison are trying to determine better way to have downspouts at Pavilion Park.  Somebody mangled the new ones placed at the Pavilion.

There will be a discussion about planning of 2021 PBCA events at the February meeting.

Lee brought up the need for a Manual of Board Responsibilities for new board members, so they know the history of the PBCA and why things operate they way they do.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:51 PM.  Next meeting will be Monday, February 8th, most like on Zoom.

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