PBCA Board Meeting, February 8, 2021

Attendance - Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Garrison Price, Michael Kessler, Wayne Kessler, Brad Perva, Catherine Azeles, Lisa Keck, Teresa Williams, Zach Duffy, Jeff Schofield

Meeting began at 7pm on Zoom.

Lee called meeting to order.

Wayne gave Secretary Report. Dues collection will begin in February.  About $500 of dues was collected in December and January from members using the web site to pay dues.

The directory is in the process of lay out.  There are a few advertisers still to track down for artwork.  There are still approximately 85 households that did not confirm their information; PBCA will include basic information on the address with a notice that the information was not verified by household. The directory should go to print in the next few weeks.  Once we receive hard copies we will provide members a few options on how to get their directory.

Ramon gave treasurer report, nothing unexpected.

Discussion about the park grass care and snow removal agreements. Lee will be providing further information.

There will be a discussion about planning of 2021 PBCA events at a future meeting.

Garrison has a couple of park signs to put up in front entrance after the snow season is over.

Lisa gave a shout out to a couple of neighbors, Elyse Smeigh and Ann Furr, that have been scheduling food trucks at the Pavilion Park for 2021.  There is a LOT of food coming to Pine Brook.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.  Next meeting will be Monday, March 8, on Zoom.

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