Pine Brook Meeting, April 19, 2021

Attendance - Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Garrison Price, Michael Kessler, Wayne Kessler, Brad Perva, Teresa Williams, Zach Duffy, Jeff Schofield, Benn Trasatt, June Hoch, Suzy Grim

Meeting began at 7 PM at Pavilion Park.

Wayne gave Secretary's Report.  To date, 211 members have paid dues for 2021.

There have been two directory pickups at Pavilion Park since last board meeting.  95 households have picked up their directories during those pickup events.  Several residents also paid dues during the directory pickup.  A few more directory pickup events at Pavilion Park are planned, after which point alternatives will be needed for delivery of directories to remaining households.

Ramon gave Treasurers Report.  Traditionally PBCA has 4 months in which most dues are paid for any given year, so far we have had 2 such months, which is normal.  

Garrison (and later Brad) mentioned that there were areas that were not getting mowed properly by the new lawn care contractor.  Garrison and Brad will follow up with him to make sure he is aware of what areas need to be done for mowing.

Lee asked about signs for the Yard Sale.  Garrison said we have signs, and can put them out in near future.  There will be effort made to utilize social media advertising as well to get notice out about the neighborhood yard sales.  Dates of the Spring Yard Sale are Friday, May 21st and Saturday, May 22nd.

Tentative date for the Pine Brook Annual Picnic is Saturday, September 11th.  

There was discussion of the existence of the porta-potty at Pavilion Park.  Current placement of the porta-potty has been an issue for homeowner across the street from it.  After hours noise from cleaning, odor, and use of the porta-potty by various delivery men, outside workers and others that are not from the area are all part of the issues.  The board will contact the vendor to move the porta-potty to along Orrs Bridge Road within the park, and to find ways to best disguise its existence from the road.

A question was asked where PBCA was in determining its tax status and non-profit status.  Lee answered that he is working to get back tax money that was mistakenly paid to the state as part of the bridge land purchase.  PBCA now has an EIN and is now working towards the long form application process for non-profit status.  More information is likely next month.

Brad has quotes for tree trimming at Pavilion Park and will email to board for review.

Brad also is working to upgrade the sign at front entrance.

June Hoch provided Garden Club update.  Needs info from the board for Hidden Park preparation.  Planning is being done for Orrs Bridge plantings at Pavilion Park.

Meeting ended at 7:55.

Next meeting is scheduled for 7 PM, May 10th at Pavilion Park.

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