Pine Brook Meeting Minutes, May 10, 2021

Attendance - Lee Morrison, Ramon Marin, Garrison Price, Wayne Kessler,  Teresa Williams, Zach Duffy, Jeff Schofield, Benn Trasatt, Catherine Azeles, Lisa Keck, Suzy Grim, Rick McMullin

Meeting began at 7 PM at Pavilion Park.

Wayne gave Secretary's Report.  To date, 229 members have paid dues for 2021.  We are slightly ahead of 2020's pace.  There will be a dues postal mailing sent to non-paid households at the end of May.

There is likely to be another directory pickup at Pavilion Park this weekend.

The software and hosting company we use for the PBCA website has announced a 20% increase in fee for next renewal in 2022.  Wayne explained that for our organization it still serves the PBCA as efficiently as we can do for emailing, membership management, dues paying, events, etc.

Ramon gave Treasurers Report.  We are about where we should be at for this point in the calendar.  He will contact the water company to turn on the water at the park.

Rick McMullin has been following actions by Hampden Township and gave the Board an update on activities.  This includes a new apartment complex on the Carlisle Pike that has been approved as well another community being planned off of Sporting Hill.

Lee is going to put together information to send to the neighborhood about sidewalk grinding.  This is a low cost method to "level" concrete slabs to eliminate tripping hazards.  Some sidewalks in the neighborhood have gotten lifted considerably by roots.  Grinding isn't a solution for every sidewalk issue but is less expensive than replacing a slab.  

There was another lengthy discussion about the portapotty.  Each placement of the unit currently comes with issues for the neighborhood.  There was a vote to remove the portapotty from Pavilion Park until a solution can be implemented that keeps the unit appropriately hidden from Orrs Bridge Road and away from houses surrounding the park.  It will be brought back for a short time for the picnic.  The vote passed, 8-2.

The Spring Yard Sale will be Friday, May 21st and Saturday, May 22nd.

Tentative date for the Pine Brook Annual Picnic is Saturday, September 11th.  

Mulch will be delivered Thursday to Pavilion Park for distribution.  WE NEED AS MANY VOLUNTEERS TO PARTICIPATE AS POSSIBLE.  There will be shovels and wheelbarrows, but it will be helpful to bring any you might have to use.

Meeting ended at 8:12.

Next meeting is scheduled for 7 PM, June 14th at Pavilion Park.

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